Who’s blogging on health connections?

Hi, I’m Anna Bowness-Park. I live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

As a Christian Science practitioner I have often seen first-hand how a change of thought – tied to a new, different or better understanding of God – has resulted in healing for people who have asked me to pray with them about health and life challenges.

My interest in the relationship between health and spirituality propelled me to begin writing about this topic a couple of years ago.I now write a weekly blog called “Owning our Health” in the Empowered Health of the Vancouver Sun. 

I am also a regular contributor to several news outlets, including The Edmonton Journal online edition, and The Times Colonist newspaper both in print and online with the blog, Spiritually Speaking. Also, some of my articles appear on Project Eve/Getting Balance and health blog,  forahealthyme.com.

My long-time Christian healing practice and more recent writing journey has resulted in many interesting connections with health professionals with different perspectives lead sometimes to more questions, as well as discoveries about the healing needs of – and answers for – our world.View Anna Bowness-Park's profile on LinkedIn




  1. Elly says

    I read an article written by you in the Times Colonist (7/18/15) and found it to be more reassuring than most articles written about spirituality.
    Thank you!
    I had never heard of you before, but I am hoping to learn more about you.


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