From health despair to inspiration and restoration

From health despair to inspirationWhat if you woke up one day and discovered that those negative things you had always believed about yourself simply weren’t true? In fact, they were absolutely false. How would you feel?

One man has documented his inspiring journey from negative beliefs about his health to total mental and physical freedom. Arthur was a disabled US war veteran. For 15 years he was constantly told that he would never walk again, and that his health would inevitably worsen each year. He accepted this diagnosis of his disability as true. He said: “I allowed others to tell me what I couldn’t do.” Like so many others, he came close to giving up on life. Then he made an inspiring discovery – he did not have to accept that hopeless diagnosis!

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Why caring about Cecil the lion is good for our health

Why caring about Cecil the lion is good for our healthThe senseless killing of Cecil, the nationally beloved lion in Zimbabwe by an American big-game hunter has provoked a media storm of angry protest and controversy. Closer to home last year, Cheeky, a grizzly bear beloved by the First Nations who shared his territory, was shot and killed by an unapologetic NHL hockey star. This angered First Nations’ people as well as many other British Columbians.

But the critical newspaper articles and social media frenzy in response to what has been historically a commonplace practice – i.e., hunting – indicates that these instances (and others) have awoken something in our hearts. Is it that the senseless killing of creatures for nothing more than the purpose of sport is beginning to make less and less sense as we grow in our understanding of the connectedness and value of all life?Continue Reading

How love can build a bridge to those with Alzheimers

Alzheimers is a disease that generates great fear. A new documentary challenges our beliefs about our ability to remember and communicate
A new documentary challenges prevailing beliefs about people with Alzheimer’s and illustrates their capacity to communicate.

Sometimes a story comes across our path that causes us to think differently about a problem. The story of Gladys and Naomi, in which two women broke through a barrier that seemed impossible to breach, is one of these.

Gladys has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and lives in a care facility. Naomi visits her regularly. Gladys’ ability to communicate deteriorated to such an extent that she appeared unable to do so.

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Take a break from worry with ideas from Pooh and Piglet

Looking at  heffalumps of worry? Time to take back control of our thoughtsThe adventures of a small teddy bear and his friends have charmed generations of both children and adults for decades. The characteristics of timid Piglet, bouncy Tigger, bossy Rabbit and the sullen but lovable Eeyore have made us laugh at or sympathize with their predicaments.

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